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User shouts & shoutbox updates

Just made some updates related to shouts (aka: comments) for tv shows, episodes, and movies. The biggest change is each user profile now shows a count of how many shouts they have written. Notice the number on the far right.

When you click on this shout count, it will display a page containing all shouts that user has written. This is helpful to see a user's thoughts on all of the media they have taken the time to comment on. This list will paginate if needed. Notice this page also has ratings and supports quick ratings if you are signed in (hover over a poster).

All of the summary pages and blog have been updated with the same new look. If you are logged in, your shouts will show up in blue so you can easily see where you participated in the conversation.

Lastly, all timestamps now correctly respect the timezone and 24hr settings. The community page will be getting some updates surrounding shouts in the near future, so be on the lookout for that.

Check out my shouts page at http://trakt.tv/user/justin/shouts for a live example.