xbmc trakt utilities problems

I think there is a problem with the database or the server of Trakt. For the last few hours i have not been able to log into my account trakt utilities on XBMC and my viewed episodes are not being scrobbled after i watched them.

As you can see here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?... i am not the only one who seems to be having problems.

The message that i and a few other people seems to be getting is:

20:04:06 T:7636 NOTICE: Trakt Utilities: service: script.TraktUtilities - version: 0.6.4
20:04:06 T:7636 NOTICE: Trakt Utilities: trakt json url: /account/test/48dfcb4813134da82152984e8c4f329bc8b8b46a
20:04:06 T:7324 ERROR: CRemoteControl::Connect - failed to connect
20:04:07 T:7636 NOTICE: Trakt Utilities: traktQuery: Bad JSON responce:
Service Identification Failure


Fault Name: ServiceIdentificationFailure
Error Type: NotFound
Description: Service Identification Failure
Service: null
Endpoint: null
Operation (Client):
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