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My callers are not able to reach my Verizon voicemail.

I have a Verizon Wireless phone (basic, not a smartphone) and I had switched to using the Trapcall voicemail system several months ago. Most of the time, my callers would have to call twice in order to leave a voicemail, or they reported that there was no voicemail system at all. So, I finally decided to switch back to using the Verizon voicemail system.

I had Verizon reset my phone and cancel the forwarding to TrapCall, and then I re-programmed my phone through TrapCall to use the Verizon voicemail system.

The problem now is that my callers are not being connected to any voicemail system. The phone just rings and rings. When I ignore their call, the call reappears on my phone a few seconds later. On their end, they just keep hearing rings, until they finally get a message that says that they've reached a non-working number.

How can I get TrapCall to send my unanswered calls to my Verizon voicemail?
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