Report possible drunk drivers.

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The ability to report possible drunk driving would be a huge benefit to the community. Assuming such data could easily (and VERY quickly) be shared with local law enforcement, and the user could enter the vehicle's license plate number, this could really help to combat drunk driving.
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The best thing would be to call the police. Trapster runs on phones after all! This alerts the police the fastest. Also, entering in a Plate number and then having us send that to police isn't that effective, as each department has its own procedures and such. It would be a massive undertaking to set it all up.

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Have you called 911 and tried reporting a Drunk Driver?
I did... and it was painful. I will most likely not use the 911 method again!
So you can help in a more efficient way... Reconsider your decision!
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A lot of depends on jurisdiction. Where I live they respond quickly to a DUI report. In counties/cities where they don't, how quick would they be to integrate into a system we put in place?

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Trapster is right, if you see an apparent DUI or really any kind of menace then tell the cops directly. However hard some of them might be to make the report to, (agreed some are) the fact remains that they are the right ones to deal with it.
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As a former 911 dispatcher myself, I have to agree. It's best that if you suspect someone of DUI to call 911 directly. No matter what, the agency has to at least BOL (Be on the Lookout) the description, even if they know everyone is tied up and no one could respond. In some cases where if there is an officer nearby that can respond, 911 would want you to stay on the phone with them to continue updating the suspects location for the responding officer. The best thing to do is have the vehicle description, a plate if possible, and direction of travel. 911 will guide you from there.