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Photo of atw26
When I went to both yesterday and today, it says 'The requested application was not found on this server.'...
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Photo of paulh81
how it works!
still don`t know how to use it, i understand some, forward text message i had on my cellphone then forward it to the phone number 1203 43...
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Photo of jrtz11J
Delete My Messages
I can only delete a few messages at a time before I get an error message saying to wait a few moments....which is closer to several hours...
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Photo of emmegi71E
my sms come cut
Hi, I'm very disappointed because it's happen very frequently that, I send my sms message and it come in my treasuremytet box cut, or whi...
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Photo of Nikki
I'm not able to log in!
It says my session has ended and when I continue it says that the username or password is incorrect ..I could not log in yesterday either
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