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how it works!

still don`t know how to use it, i understand some, forward text message i had on my cellphone then forward it to the phone number 1203 434 0893. does it charge to forward?
i tried one time to forward it, but my account doesn`t show the message. can u help me. thx
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  • - Does it charge to forward?
    When you forward you are just sending a normal SMS so the charge is whatever your operator charges you for sending SMS to a US mobile.

    - I've tried to forward a message but it didn't arrive, can you help?
    There are normally three reasons a message doesn't get saved.

    You're sending to the wrong number
    The first is the number you sent too was wrong, just double check it when you try next.

    Your number is wrong
    The second cause is that your number entered when registering is incorrect. Check it again and we can also make sure it is entered correctly.

    Your network is not supported
    The last reason is that there is a problem between our network (T-Mobile) and your operator. We believe there are possibly issues with Verizon and potentially Sprint. We have had one reported case of Verizon.

    What Next?
    So we can help you further. Send your username and details of your network to us at, then we can either normally get it working for you or give you a definite reason why it doesn't.
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  • Ok i just signed up but i do not have my phone my husband uses it for work, i would like to be able to read the text messages coming into the phone and being sent from the phone? can u help me do that?
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