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PayGuard is a function that block attacks that steal the payment information (account information and credit card information) entered when using online banking or online shopping. 
For example, an attacker can use a technique called "Web injection" to display a fake input screen on a browser when accessing a regular site and steal information by letting the user enter payment information. By using the payment protection browser, we protect account information and credit card information from such attacks.

What has been improved?

  • The payment protection browser can now be opened from the "Trend  Micro Toolbar" extension of Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox. 
  • We enhanced the tutorial to promote usage. We recommend using a payment protection browser via pop-up when accessing the online banking website.


To use this feature, you need the Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox extension "Trend toolbar". After installing Trend Micro Security 2020, open any of the supported browsers. Depending on the browser, a message for adding the "Trend toolbar" will be displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions to add it.

Testing Pay Guard Feature

Note: Turn off the Parental Controls URL filter before testing.

1. Open Google Chrome, click the browser menu, hover over More Tools, and then click Extensions.


2. Turn on the Trend Micro Toolbar extension.



3.  Use Google Chrome to visit www.cibc.com.

       Pay Guard tutorial window appears.


4. Use Google Chrome to visit www.sbsbank.co.nz.

    Pay Guard tutorial window does not appear.


Reminder: *This tutorial is only displayed once a day, regardless of how many different browsers are used within 24 hours.

*The tutorial will appear a total of 3 times.

5. Click on the Trend Micro Toolbar icon, and then click Open Pay Guard.


The website will be opend in a Pay Guard windows.

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