I’m baffled!

Autopilot error after software update. No switches going to live channel.


So yesterday I requested some software updates and today did the install. (updating to Cablecast 4.9.1 - Frontdoor 5.3.5) Everything appears to have worked but now autopilot is giving me this error in the force menu:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Going deeper; in location settings:I/O:control modules log & events I am now showing a few successful "Play" events for SXPlayerCM but "Object reference" errors for AutoPatchBCSCM

Location settings all look right to me... (I just resolved issue with my router setting getting screwy last week) could this be a driver issue or something like that???

I could really use help here because at the moment no scheduled programs are getting on to our channel unless I manually punch them into the front pannel on our router and I can't keep that up all night. ;-)
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