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I’m unknown

Carousel Pages Owned by 'Unknown'

As I mouse over groups of pages in Carousel > Manage Bulletins > All Bulletins > Active Bulletins, I get a popup that reads "Owned by: xxx, xxx, xxx, etc."

In a recent effort to clear out some old pages, I found that many of these pages in my current groups (sometimes hundreds) are found in the stale pages list. In order to remove those from the group, I needed to go into the stale pages of EACH of those users and delete them.

However, sometimes the owners in the popups are listed as 'Unknown.' The only way I can see what those pages are is to edit one active page in the group, then at the end of the approval process it shows me ALL the pages (including the stale ones). But I can't find a way of deleting the ones owned by "unknown" because I can't find them.

Any ideas on how to tackle this?
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