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I’m frustrated

digital clock background

How can I delete the clock background? I just want a digital clock in it's own zone without a background, this background less zone is placed over another zone.
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    Hi LGTV,

    I'm sorry about the frustration. At the moment, Carousel doesn't have the concept of a "background-less" bulletin, so you'll need to specify some sort of background for your clock. (By extension, that also means that you can't currently "stack" zones on top of each other either.)

    That being said, however, you could choose to use a background that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your channel design. This would make it look like it's a transparent background, when it's really not.

    For example, in the screenshot below, I've uploaded a background for my digital clock bulletin that fits in with the rest of my channel design:

    Here's a picture of my entire channel, the clock bulletin will blend in nicely in the lower right hand corner:

    I know it's a bit more work than if Carousel just had the concept of transparent backgrounds & stacked zones, but until that day arrives this is the best way to achieve what you're trying to do.

    I hope this is helpful,

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