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I’m puzzled

Does SX-LE record and playback in stereo?

The SXLE has two audio inputs for the record channel and two audio outputs for each of the two players. Does this mean it is capable of reproducing a true stereo signal if we feed it one?

If we upload a stereo mpeg2 file to the content drive, will it also play it back in stereo?

We're re-designing our audio routing system, limiting, compression, etc. because of some real problems with levels and distortion, mostly from our SXLE. Right now, our Knox routing switcher has two channels of unbalanced audio for all its inputs and outputs, but almost everything else in our system is monaural. Once we finish adapting and converting between balanced vs. unbalanced I/O and consumer grade vs. professional audio levels (-10dBmv vs. +4dBmv), we will still have the problem of mixing mono and stereo -- depending on the specs of the SXLE.
I just want to understand the SXLE specs but can't really find anything in the manuals.
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