Suggested Interface Modifications

I have three suggestions for changes to the Cablecast user interface.

1. Add the provision of having more than one format available for a program in the program record and then query the user as to which format to use when scheduling such a program. This will allow, for example, a show to have both a tape format as well as a MPEG format and when scheduling the show a choice can be made at that time to schedule the tape version or the MPEG version. This will allow a taped program to be scheduled, and encoded using “Record Run” during this first showing, and then to have subsequent repeats of that show, even on the same day, to be scheduled off of the server without having to go back into the show record and change the format to MPEG before scheduling the repeats.

2. Add a “Record Run” option to the "details" for Manual Events/Live Programs so these types of programs can be automatically encoded.

3. Have the Record Schedule change the start and end times for a record event for a program that the “Record Run” option has been checked when that program’s schedule changes or if that program is removed from the schedule
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