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Time and Date Alignment Control

Help!! I really need Carousel to fine-tune the clock functions, both on the clock bulletins, and on the channel time and date option. The clock bulletin needs to have horizontal and vertical adjustment control, and the channel time and date function (that can be enabled) (and I assume was created to compensate for the lack of vertical/horizontal control in the clock bulletins) needs to have vertical horizontal alignment that is greater than 99!!!! It's totally useless if you want to put the date/time stamp somewhere outside of the +/- 99 from the four corners of the channel. The control needs to be fine tuned so that the time/date can be placed ANYWHERE within the four quadrants of a 1920x1080 screen and adjusted. This has to be a super simple fix for your next release. All you have to do is increase your vertical adjustment to 960, and your horizontal to 540. Problem solved. It's all in the details.

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