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What are the limitations with PowerPoint?

I have all sorts of slides made up in PowerPoint. Can I simply upload them?
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  • Pete (Frequent Flier) August 10, 2008 10:01
    Carousel supports PowerPoint 2003 in two ways. First, it can break the presentation into static bulletins, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose the bulletins to include in Carousel. Secondly, it will allow you to replay the entire PowerPoint presentation as-is, with transitions, sounds, word effects, etc.

    Carousel is unable to playback video clips embedded into PowerPoint presentations. Both approaches have their charm and disadvantages. When Carousel breaks the presentation apart, you loose all of the transitions, sound and video that go with it. Carousel renders a static image of each PowerPoint slide and turns it into a Carousel Bulletin. While this is very limiting, you gain the ability to pick and chose which PowerPoint Slides to include. Also, because PowerPoint is so flexible, it can cause problems for Carousel. Breaking the presentation into individual slides removes all of the potential problems that can happen if a presentation relies on something that the Carousel player does not have. Here are some examples.

    • If you have a presentation that includes a video, the presentation will fail.

    • If you have interactive portions of the presentation that require user input. Carousel will hold on that slide until it times out.

    • If you have data driven information in some slides, which will not work or may fail on a Carousel player.

    In short, you need to build your presentation for playback on Carousel.
    In order for PowerPoint support to be enabled, PowerPoint 2003 must be installed on the Carousel server or Solo that is hosting the web interface. If you want to play the entire presentation as-is, every player that the bulletin appears on must have PowerPoint installed and configured.

    If you are installing PowerPoint on the Carousel server, then a special procedure must be performed in order for the web services to access PowerPoint. This is covered in appendix A of Carousel: The Manual and at the following link:
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