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What is the best way to update a carousel system.

The customer is getting ready to add more players to their system and they need to have all of the current players updated. I have several offsite carousel players that we are going to need to check for updates on. They are all linked to a carousel server. What is the process to update the players? Can they all be done as a set. Can this be done remotely. If so what is required? Does the server need to go offline to update it? Sorry rather a novice at this.
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  • I'll take a stab at this. If you update the main system and the players can't communicate with it then the players will continue to run what has already been generated. You will see the red line at the top of the screen indicating that it is running a "cached" version. TRMS support provides a doc when you get a new version so the software that you have should include the doc with the specific instructions to remove the old players software and install the updated version. Basically on your others systems you are going to go into add/remove programs and remove the old player software and install the new player software. I would recommend getting the guide because things need to be removed and added in a specific order especially on the main carousel system hosting FrontDoor

    Can you update remotely? Depends on your customers setup. Can you VPN in or have they added a port forward for VNC or are they using Teamviewer with it setup so a connection can be made at any time with the proper access codes? If not then you will be going to the sites
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