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IPAD + 3G sim + truphone = rings but no sound


Using IPAD + a 3G sim, I make a call to another phone.
My phone rings, but there is no audio in my phone !
The IPAD's speaker stay dumb ...

Does anybody made this application work ?

Thanks !
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  • HI steph33560,

    Could I ask yo to perform the following steps on the Tru App for iPad:

    1. On the iPad navigate to Settings > Truphone > Reset Settings..
    2. Switch the 'Reset Setting' to 'On'
    3. Navigate back to the menu and open the Tru Application
    4. Enter your Username and Password when prompted

    Could you also make sure 'Enable VoIP over 3G' is set to ON, and that the volume is turned up both inside and outside the app.

    If you are still having issues, could you please email us at with your account details so we can investigate this further.


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