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Photo of Marlon J
al gusto del cliente
deberia de haber alguna funcion para que no solamente recarge en la pagina de problema de conexion, tambien en paginas que no cargan comp...
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Photo of David Tsai
Try Again in
I noticed that TryAgain doesn't work on pages inside <iframe> elements. I don't know whether that's a feature, but there's no messa...
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Photo of xisa
to define timeout as tiny as possible
I like your add-on very much. I hate "connection was reset" extremely, I hope to define the timeout as short as 0.01s or so. It seems tha...
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Photo of
Latest versions?
Hi, Paul - What is the latest version of TryAgain, and the latest FF version on which it will run? (I have 3.4.6 running on an ancie...
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