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I’m frustrated

Some locales are not working.

TryAgain is not working for the following locales: es-ES, pt-BR, pt-PT and fr-FR.
That's because of incorrect encoding of these files:
- /install.rdf
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/es-ES/tryagain.dtd
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/es-ES/
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/fr-FR/tryagain.dtd
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/fr-FR/
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/pt-BR/tryagain.dtd
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/pt-BR/
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/pt-PT/tryagain.dtd
- /chrome/tryagain.jar/locale/pt-PT/

Some of those files are encoded as ANSI instead of UTF-8. Some files have mixed encoding, i.e., they have some lines encoded as ANSI and some other lines encoded as UTF-8.

I've uploaded a correction here: .

Could you please add that correction in the next version?

Thank you very much.
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