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TV Anytime FAQ

How does TV Anytime work?
TV Anytime allows you to select and subscribe to shows to record using the Browse function on your mobile device. The TV Anytime PC Client then watches and records those shows for you during the recording hours that you define. Shows are synchronized to your mobile device via wifi (or manually via USB) so that you can watch them on your iPhone or iPad in high quality without paying network fees or worrying if you have a network at all.

How Do I setup TV Anytime?
You can use TV Anytime in two ways:
- As a PC only DVR - select content on our website ( and click the login button for browse; have your PC record TV and Movies and playback locally.
- As a mobile DVR - select content either on our website or on the iPhone, iPad or Android app, have your PC record TV and Movies, sync to your mobile device and watch Anytime.

Any problems? Try checking out our user manuals or consulting the forums.

How Do I add items to my Queue?
Once you have installed TV Anytime, Browse to the content you want using your iPhone or iPad and press the Record or Subscribe (TV Shows) button. You can also use the web interface to add content - - click the login button to start.

How Do I see what is in my Queue? How to I edit my Queue?
You can determine the priority order of individual items in your Queue by using the Queue screen of the mobile app or website. Individual recorded items are always higher priority than subscriptions. You can re-sort or delete items here; new items are added via the Browse function.

How does Recording Work? Why can't I use my PC when it is recording?
During recording, TV Anytime accesses the website with the content and fully renders it to your screen; you should not use your PC for other purposes when recording this is why we recommend setting your PC to record at night (default is 1AM-5AM). If you have a desktop you can simply turn the monitor off and leave the PC on; if you have a laptop we recommend that you set windows to keep the PC running when the lid is closed and the laptop is plugged in (detailed in our PC users' manual -

Once the show or movie is done, TV Anytime transcodes it to the format appropriate for your iPhone or iPad and saves it to your PC HDD for local playback or synchronization.

Where can I see the content stored on my PC?
Open the TV Anytime PC application and click on Video Queue -> Downloaded Videos, here you can see, playback and delete all of the video content from your PC's HDD. If you have a laptop you can take this on the road with you and enjoy.

I put something in the Queue and its gone - not in the Queue or Downlaoded Videos section. What happenned?
Hey its the internet - sometimes things don't work. TV Anytime will try 5 times to record a show, but if it doesn't work it drops it from the queue to avoid blocking all the other great stuff you want. Try adding it again - if that doesn't work, please post to the forum and we'll get it fixed.

Can I send videos I recorded to my friend, my other PC, etc?
No - the recordings that you made are for personal use only and are encrypted to your facebook ID - they cannot be played outside of the TV Anytime app nor played on any other PCs. You can play them back on the PC you recorded them on and up to (5) mobile devices that you can register to your login.

Why do I have to enter my facebook ID to use TV Anytime?
We've decided to use Facebook's single sign-on as our login to simplify the registration process and ensure we have integrity in our video DRM (see previous question).

Why doesn't TV Anytime work on my HDMI or DVI Monitor?
TV Anytime supports HDCP for playback which encrypts the digital signal between your PC and monitor. If you have an old monitor with HDMI or DVI but without HDCP support, TV Anytime will not allow for PC playback. Try plugging in using the VGA cable or you can always playback on your mobile device.

Should I sync with wifi or USB?
Up to you - wifi's advantage is that its basically automatic - just click the sync button and let it go and you'll get everything across. USB is much faster (about 5-10x faster) but you have to drag items one by one and connect your device up to iTunes for iOS devices. Note that it does not need to be the iTunes you are actually sync'd with - iTunes just provides a way to talk to the mobile app's file system and move content across.