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Filtering tweets in a Twitter list by hashtag?

Is it possible to use a hashtag to filter tweets from a Twitter list? I've used the pipe symbol to filter individual users but whenever I apply it to a list (e.g. '@Oberlin_Kahn/residents|#KahnHall'), Tweet Blender endlessly reports "Loading tweets..." I created a page with an example and the code: http://www.oberl.in/kahn/tweets-filte... . My end goal is to display 1) all tweets from an account (@Oberlin_Kahn) and 2) tweets on the list (@Oberlin_Kahn/residents) but only those that contain a hashtag (#KahnHall)

I gather this might be a problem with Twitter. If so, do you know of a workaround? The only thing I can think of is adding each user manually with a filter (e.g. '@person1|#KahnHall,@person2|#KahnHall,...') and I'd like to avoid doing that (I want to make it easy for an end user to add or remove people to that list).
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