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Ban URL's for repeat spam offenders

Many of the spam bots that are plaguing Twitter list their company's URL in their Twitter Profile (duh). In addition, many of their tweets include URL's that point back to that URL, often disguised with a URL shortening service such as TinyURL. Just today I received two New Follower notifications from spammers for this web site: And there are many other cases where dozens of spam bots swarm Twitter and they all point to the same web site ( was a recent offender). Twitter has been doing a much better job of deleting these spammer accounts more quickly but this does nothing to stop these malicious web sites from creating new spam accounts and repeating the offense. It's a game of Whack-A-Mole and it's a game that Twitter just can't win.

I think Twitter needs to keep track of the Profile URL's from the accounts that they are banning. After a certain number of bans (5? 10?), nobody should be able to enter that URL in their profile. This should be enforced when the Twitter account is first set up and when someone goes to edit their profile. In addition, nobody should be able to include these URL's in their tweets, even if they are using a URL shortening service.

I know that this type of tactic is hard to enforce because you're going to have people setting up false Twitter spam accounts as a way to sabotage their competitors. But their should be ways to prevent people from gaming it (e.g. check the IP address of the Twitter account to see if it matches).
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