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I’m anxious

How much time does it take for a changed username to take effect?

I've asked a kind person to allow me to have her Twitter username (since the person does not user Twitter anymore), and the person said that I can have it.

However, it's been 4 days now and the username is still unavailable, so I sent her a follow-up email about it. She said that she has already changed the username, and that the "request" to change it "takes a few days to go through on Twitter."

Is this true? It takes 4+ days to go through? I thought a username change was instant (from the 'Settings'). Mind you, her Twitter account was made in early 2009, so maybe that's the reason why it's taking so long. Perhaps she actually sent an email to Twitter's support to change the username. I'm not sure...

I don't what to keep sending her emails about it (to avoid being annoying), so I come here to ask for some help as to what's actually happening. What do you guys think is going on?
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