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I’m frustrated, irritated

Locked out of account, can't get password email reset, just get autoresponder messages that are useless from email, help!


you've locked me out of my account, said too many attempted logins, which didn't come from me, I assume I was hacked or someone tried to hack me or your system is somehow borked.

my name is @petequily

I've tried several times over 2 days to get you to email me a new password, and you haven't. Now when i try that you say "We've temporarily locked your ability to reset passwords. Please chillax for a few, then try again."

well i've chillaxed for several hours and nothing has happened. I've tried it again, still can't do it.

I've tried emailing twitter support several times and i just get totally useless autoresponder messages instead of real help.


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