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Require captcha on Follow

Last week, Mashable wrote an excellent post called 'Is Twitter About to Have a Big Spam' problem. One of the suggestions that was proposed is requiring captcha when following new people on Twitter. Yes, this would probably result in complaints from people who like the one-click follow option that is available today. But there are just too many people abusing the one-click Follow feature today through the use of bots and screen-scraping tools to "mass follow" hundreds of people in a short amount of time in an attempt to build their audience on Twitter.

There are a few ways to make the captcha less intrusive to users who are not abusing the Follow feature.

1. Only require captcha after someone has followed a large number of people (e.g. 200) in a short period of time

2. Only require captcha sporadically - e.g. after adding the 25th friend, after the 50th friend, etc.

Please consider adding this feature soon because we don't want Twitter to turn in to MySpace and there are clear signs that it's going in that direction.
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