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How do i stop retweets from appearing on my twitter?
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I think this is currently only available on a case-by-case basis for people you follow. I couldn't find a global setting that turned off all retweets.

To turn off retweets for a user, click on their username and look for the retweet setting (2 arrows following each other). If it's green then retweets are enabled for the user, if white then they are disabled.

Hope that helps.
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I requested retweets from a user not appear in my timeline by turning off retweets from their profile page but I still get new retweets from from them.
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I have turned off the retweet feature from the folks I follow, and I'm still getting the retweets! Definitely annoying--I don't care what people I don't follow are saying about things I have no interest in. Twitter people, please make this stop!
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I have tried looking for a retweet setting on a user's page but I see no such setting.

All I see is, the actual retweets as they appear on the person's Profile page, which are in grey, (grey arrows) as they appear in my timeline.

I see no "white" or "green" retweet options.

I also see no options on the user's profile in the "mention user" "direct message user" "follow user" "block user" etc.

I think there should be an option to disable ALL retweets from ALL users without having to individuallly disable them from each follower's profile. This is a huge pain and apparently not even an option available to me.

Some people I am not following back specifically because they retweet so much.

Why should I be forced to see all of these retweets? They are only of interest to the person who retweeted. They are of zero interest to me.
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Seems that the stop retweets button is gone, looks like I'll be culling serious retweeters today
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Twitter pulled a Facebook and got rid of the option to stop retweets from people from showing up on your profile without notification. Since they're normally good at listening to their user base (at least they used to be), I think it would be awesome if they could add a button in the main profile to stop retweets from showing up across the board. It's annoying to see a tweet from someone you don't follow show up. Makes me think I was spammed.
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I agree with u, I hate getting some people RTs so I just stop following them if the RT too much