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Timeline won't load

My timeline won't load/refresh! This has been ongoing for a month or so now. In ANY APP (besides Tweetdeck), my timeline will appear to have reloaded, but only cached tweets from the last actual refresh will appear; and on the Web, it will appear as if I'm not following anyone. I've sent two emails to Twitter Support - one, a few days ago, and one a couple weeks ago - and I've yet to receive a reply. Any suggestions?
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    It takes alot of time for some timelines to load especially on @book20 website because there is such a large amount of data and such...not to may be a long time but if you use a faster speed of computer, you will find this changes...
    Suggestion: You may use a library computer, they seem to have a maintenance person taking care of the site...and they are often better at using the site.

    I do understand...and please hear my compassion...I do feel this will help you.
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