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I’m frustrated

Twitter Search produces inaccurate, incorrect, unexpected results.

Twitter Search produces inaccurate, incorrect, unexpected results. It does not show all my tweets or all references. Keywords that I expect to see in Twitter Search are missing. This has been going on since the "more" button and other API changes were implemented.

The old Twitter Search, which was a simpler search, would produce accurate search results every time. The new Twitter Search misses most search results I expect to find. Entire tweets of mine are missing.

As an example, I have done various tweets referencing Sarah Palin over the past 8 months. However, they do not show up in Twitter Search. I can google for "search term A" "search term b" (no quotes) site: and get more accurate results than I get on Twitter Search.

I see you have noted a problem with some users not appearing on Twitter, but that is not my problem. I do appear in Twitter Search, but not all of my tweets nor all expected references appear in Twitter Search. It is though Twitter Search is missing a huge chunk of data. At least Twitter Search worked back when Summize owned it.
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