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I’m Twittin' Happy!

Gettin' Twittin' Satisfaction... Twitter Tip Help is Here!

Welcome to Get Twittin' Satisfaction...

Dan Hollings here, the author/founder of "Twittin' Secrets" The 100 World's Greatest Twitter Tips and Twitter Secrets.

I figure what the heck... I'll throw a few uncounted TWITTER TIPS at you right here:

  • I encourage you to engage, observe, share ideas and FOLLOW... yes, follow this and other great discussions here at "Get Satisfaction." (there is a FOLLOW tab to the upper right here)

  • And, don't be GREEDY! In the upper right is a SHARE TAB which allows you to share all this great stuff with friends, enemies, ex-spouses, jail mates, and fellow twitheads. I wonder if those "share buttons" really work? Go ahead, comment here then share away!

As you know, Twittin' Secrets recommends "Get Satisfaction," but there is a lot more here than just customer support... it's a community FULL of potential followers and awesome ideas.

Dan Hollings
Twitter dhollings