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It looks like the idea of a TypeList has been neglected for far too long. The notion of a shared object that can be used to list links is a very powerful one. But I can see the idea of "books" and "albums" lists was an idea that didn't really take form. I'd like to see TypeLists be used in creative ways such as

- custom navigation bars with proper styling (used now with 3rd party software0
- jquery and other open source libraries that allow you to do very cool things -- use the "Notes" feature to implment a TypeList as a widget (document what they do and let people play)
- ability to reorder and sort TypeLists rather than using descending/ascending name and date as the only way to modify typelists.

TypeLists are a hugely powerful concept in TypePad that has been underdeveloped in my mind. Or worse, forgotten.

Alex Sirota, Champion

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Posted 1 year ago

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Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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Hi Alex! Thanks so much for your suggestions.

We are working to develop options to make it easier to rearrange Typelist items as this is an oft requested feature. While we don't have a timeline for when this feature would be released, we are aware of its necessity.

Your other suggestions are also great, and we'll keep those in mind as we plan out future improvements for Typelists. We haven't forgotten about Typelists, and we'll continue to improve the functionality of the lists.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions for features!


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I used to be able to sort Note Typelists by using HTML notes, which are invisible when rendered, in the Label field, e.g., <!--1_typelistname--> for one, <!--2_typelistname--> for the next, etc. Apparently that no longer works, though...?

Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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The ability to force the order of items using hidden comment tags - e.g. <!-- 01 -->, <!-- 02 -->, <!-- 03 --> - works with Links, Books, and Albums Typelists. This trick, however, does not work with Notes Typelists.

Notes Typelists do not have the display order options the other Typelists offer which is why you can't change the order of items in the Notes Typelists with a workaround.

We hope offer an easier option for rearranging Typelist items in the near future, and we'll let you know when this is available.