custom font with Chunky theme?

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Any way to change the font in the Chunky Theme, using Custom CSS? Can anyone give me a bit of code? (I'm code-clueless. Cut-and-paster only.)

I like Chunky, but the font looks so small on a laptop, and even smaller on an iPhone.


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Posted 2 years ago

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Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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Hi Carole! If you just want to change the font size, we have information on this in the article on customizing the default post font with CSS.

The Chunky Theme utilizes Google Web Fonts to display unique font styles. If you want to use a different font, we have tips on applying Google Fonts to your blog here.

Let us know more about what you are trying to accomplish, and we can provide more details.

michael reid

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What is the name & size of the side bar titles in Chunky?

I want to add some of my own HTML and want the fonts to be the same. is my blog and as you can see the first item on the Right sidebar does not match the rest of the fonts.

Thank You.
Mike Reid

Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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Hi Mike! To apply the same forward to the sidebar content in the custom module, you can replace the tag:

<div id="mc_embed_signup">


<div class="module-content">

Then, the same styles applied to the module content in other modules will be used for the custom module.

If you want to match the module headers, you would use:

<h2 class="module-header">

And replace the </div> tag at the end of the module with </h2>.

michael reid

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Hi Jen,

Your help was great last time so I have a similar question. I want to match the font of my feedburner subscription to the rest of the font on on sidebar.
blog address:

As you can see on the right, the feed burner email subscription box is different from the rest of the blog. How do I make it the same?

Thank you for your help.
Michael Reid

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I was able to bring a font over from Google Fonts and apply it to my body type just fine. However, I can't figure out how to apply it to my header in the Chunky theme ... I looked at the source and thought #banner or #banner-header was the class to specify the font-family to, but I guess not. Is the CSS for this theme available somewhere in the knowledgebase?

Colleen, Typepad Community & Support

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The default for the banner title looks like:

#banner-header a {
font-family: 'Bevan', serif;
font-size: 310%;
color: #333;
text-transform: capitalize;

You can view the Chunky CSS directly via: