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Although adding an image to your background is relatively easy, I think it could be made even easier for novice users. It also requires CSS which is not something every Typepad user has. So, my idea builds off of Youtube. Youtube is great in the way you easily add an image or color to your background with a click of a button. Typepad should have this same feature. Upload an image, have the option of tiling/repeating it, and deciding whether to place it in the header,main content area, background, etc. If the person does not want to upload an image, you should be able to choose a color, gradient, or pre-made pattern. Likey?

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  • excited? I hate these emotions!

Posted 5 years ago

Colleen, Typepad Community & Support

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This would go along nicely with our plans for upgrading the template builder in general. Consider it considered ;)

Zara Kerimkulova

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it is great idea, two years past, still being considered...? I spent a lot of time to change a background at my blog.

Melanie, Community Manager

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Hi Zara!

We're revamping and adding some really awesome features, and as I'm sure you know from being with us for a long time that we're always adding new things!

If you ever need help with anything at all, just ask us! No need to spend a long time toiling when we can jump in!