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Hi. Pagination has recently been added to our blog - and we really, really don't want it! Can the blog be reset so the comments page isn't paginated? Or, could the upper limit to comments be set to something like 1000?

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Thanks for everyone's feedback - we're actively looking into this and testing exactly how many comments we can raise the limit to. We went from 25 to 100 over the past months with a lot of success, but there's still a lot to consider: if we set the comment amount to be unlimited, the page would be a full GB to download. Basically, impossible. We're taking into account the speed of our service to all of our customers, too - not just those of us on super-fast connections. :)

We'll always have to have some limit to the number of comments before we paginate - we're still determining what that is and testing it thoroughly before making another change of this magnitude.

When we have more updates on when and how this limit will be increased, we'll update this thread.

Thanks again, everyone.