Introducing Metropolitan, a new theme from Typepad

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Brianna, Official Rep

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  • excited to share this new theme

Posted 2 years ago

Janet Boyer

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I'm having major glitches with this them, including modules mysteriously moving around, the Nav bar showing additional links in the Dashboard (but not on the blog), the left-side column WAY too wide (instead of the larger central column), etc. I've put in a Help Ticket. :o(

Nick Pyenson

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Having this issue too with the Nav bar....anyone figure this one out?

Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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Nick, with the Metropolitan Theme, the number of items to display in the
Navigation Bar is limited by the blog title length. You can use some
CSS to increase the available space for the Navigation Bar links,

At Design > Custom CSS, enter the below CSS in the text field:

#nav { width: 800px; }

You can adjust the 800px as needed. Then, click Save Changes to update your blog.

It looks like you are Junior Author, so you'll want to ask the Owner of the blog to make the changes to the blog.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!