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After creating an advanced mobile template for a site, I find that the images appear too small on each post to be any use. If I try and increase the size of the image using either pixel size or % in the template it just pixelates the image as it enlarges it.
Looking at the site using an inspector I see this..

It's the bit in the circle that I need to change, the "115wi". If I copy the image URL and change it manually in the browser address bar the image appears larger, and clear - but how can I ensure that all images appear with - let's say "400wi" as the suffix??

Simon Widdowson, Champion

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  • confused over this one

Posted 2 years ago

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Colleen, Typepad Community & Support

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HI Simon! That refers to the size of the thumbnail so you would just double click on the image and change the thumbnail size. Have you tried that and you're seeing distortion?

Kymberlie, Official Rep

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Hi Simon,

Actually this is a known issue that we're looking into. We appreciate your patience while it's resolved.


Simon Widdowson, Champion

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Darn it - I thought I'd found a potential work around for the small images issue if I could have altered the image file suffix!

Simon Widdowson, Champion

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Has there been any solution found to this issue with the mobile site image sizing?

Brianna, Official Rep

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Hi Simon! This is still something we're working on this issue. We're looking into revamping mobile sites altogether, so the issue may not be resolved until that time. We appreciate your continued patience!

Simon Widdowson, Champion

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Thanks for the info Brianna. For people (like me!) who created their own mobile site designs using your CSS guidance a while back will any revamp affect those bespoke designs?

Melanie, Community Manager

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Hi Simon!

Any revamp shouldn't affect those designs, but if it does, we'll make sure that we provide any coding changes for those to you if needed, so that you can simply update your templates.