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SInce late this afternoon I have been trying to upload just one photo, something that I have done a thousand times before, but the "Uploading, please wait . . ." box just keeps churning and churning without ever posting the photo.


The Bee in My Bonnet

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jen, Typepad Support Engineer

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Official Response
We are able to reproduce issues uploading images and files using Internet Explorer in some but not all accounts. We're investigating further and trying to narrow down what is preventing file uploads from processing successfully in Internet Explorer.

In the meantime, we would recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your browser.

We apologize for the problem!

Kymberlie, Official Rep

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Official Response
We are working on resolving the issue with Internet Explorer and the Aviary editor. We believe we're on the right track and will have a solution soon.

In the meantime, we have rolled Aviary back so that it is only enabled for Beta accounts again. We hope this helps relieve the unexpected frustrations that arose for Internet Explorer users.

If you still have issues uploading images in Internet Explorer, and are a Beta user, you can update the Get Satisfaction thread with your findings to help us continue to troublehsoot or temporarily remove yourself from the Beta team until we've fixed the behavior. To remove yourself from Beta, go to Account, uncheck the Beta option, and save your changes.

We apologize and appreciate your continued patience while we are working on a fix for this issue.