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I'm changing things up on my blog and I'm having some sidebar issues. I have both of my columns (left and right) set to 300px wide. My sidebar images are 200px wide. If I place them in the right column, they're beautiful. If I place them in the left column, however, they don't fit!
Even with the automatic padding that Typepad adds to sidebar images, I should have PLENTY of room in either column. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!!

here's a link to my blog:

thank you!!

Elizabeth Walton Rosemond

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Posted 2 years ago

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Colleen, Typepad Community & Support

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The code I'm seeing now is:

.layout-three-column #container { width: 1050px; }
.layout-three-column #alpha { width: 200px; }
.layout-three-column #beta { width: 600px; }
.layout-three-column #gamma { width: 250px; }

With the padding, that only leaves 170 pixels for the left sidebar, so an image wider than that will be cut off. I'd try this:

.layout-three-column #container { width: 1150px; }
.layout-three-column #alpha { width: 300px; }
.layout-three-column #beta { width: 600px; }
.layout-three-column #gamma { width: 250px; }
Colleen, you're amazing! I've never used the custom CSS option before, I was just relying on the built-in template column calculations. This worked perfectly. Thanks so much!!

Melanie, Community Manager

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I'm glad that worked for you! I love the Custom CSS feature to make columns nice and wide, and use it all the time with my own blog designs!