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Knowledge Base has a lot of great information.

I wish there were some way to tag articles that I found most useful so that I could easily refer back them later without using Search. I.e., be able to create a personalized list of my favourites that would show on the Help page - or here in SAY Media.

David Ewart, Champion

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Posted 2 years ago

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Melanie, Community Manager

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Hi David,

Actually, if you scroll to the bottom of any article in the Knowledge Base, you can mark it as a Favorite! Then, all you have to do is go to your Typepad Profile and click the Favorites in the sidebar there, and you'll see all of your Favorites displayed.

I can definitely see how having those favorite feed in to the Help page might be helpful for some folks as well, and that might be something we'll look at in the future!


David Ewart, Champion

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Thanks Melanie. I'm embarassed by how many times I have to ask for help to see what is staring me right in the face!