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Photo of Donna Salter
Adding custom group categories
UCSU operates over a number of campuses and we really need students to be able to sort groups on the 'join a group' page by their locatio...
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Photo of Rebecca
Ticket QR codes
Hi all,  I'm sure I'm being daft, but.... When you buy a ticket to an event on the site it generates a QR code. How do we get this to w...
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Photo of Lisa
See where Custom User Group is Used
I'm trying to clear out some of the Old Custom User groups for Rep Elections and delete some non-existent ones. However, it's not letting...
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Photo of Daniel Mizrachi
Upload CSV of new events
Our society hosts regular, weekly events, and we'd like to be able to add them by uploading a CSV of events (in a specified format of cou...
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