I’m experiencing buyer's remorse

Buttons in popup interface disappear every single time

I just purchased Hourly News about 20 minutes ago, and after the very first listen, the buttons started to disappear (the exact same problem here, but considering no response has been posted in 3 weeks, I decided to start a new thread: http://community.urbanapps.com/urbana...).

Upon launch, everything works fine, but after the popup disappears a couple times while it plays in the background, the buttons are all completely gone the next time I look. I quit the app and restarted it, and the same thing happened again. So far, the fail rate is 100% for me. Worth noting, however, is that the arrow keys still function to navigate from one source to another. But the buttons and access to any other menus are all completely gone. I don't see any option to attach a screenshot, but I see -- or rather, don't see -- the same thing as the person whose link I referenced up top.
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