I’m bummed

Does not scrobble on OS X 10.10 and/or iTunes 12.

On OS X 10.10 and iTunes 12 it does not scrobble tracks. Looks like a Last.fm API problem. This persists even after re-authorizing with Last.fm. Just purchased the app so if there isn't a timely fix I will request a refund from Apple.

11/24/14 2:47:04.224 PM SimpleScrobbler[24512]: [ERROR] Update Last.fm "Now Playing" error: Invalid session key - Please re-authenticate
11/24/14 2:47:04.252 PM SimpleScrobbler[24512]: [ERROR] Scrobble Last.fm error: operation couldn’t be completed. (com.urbanapps.simplescrobbler error -1 - Invalid session key - Please re-authenticate)
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