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Hourly News for Mac Now in the Mac App Store

Urban Apps is proud to announce that our popular news app Hourly News is now available on the Mac App Store! Hourly News is the easiest way for you to listen to the top-of-the-hour updates from multiple news sources.

All the best features from the iPhone app can also be found in the Mac Version:

  • One-tap app. A single click to the status bar icon and your news will play the latest news.

  • Sources play back-to-back. Whether you listen to 2 sources or 12, the app will play them all right after each other.

  • Listen in the background. As a status-bar app, Hourly News sits and waits patiently for you to start it. It is ready to go when you are, and won’t beg you for attention. Best of all, it completely closes even when the news is playing so you can do anything else while listening to your sources.

  • Enable, disable and reorder sources. Hate Fox news? Dislike NPR news? You can setup your sources however you choose, and only listen to the ones you want to.

  • Polished, minimal interface. Designed to stay out of your way, minimal and streamlined without the fluff, Hourly News is a gorgeous addition to your status bar.

Download Hourly News today on the Mac App Store for only $2.99.