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How to Save Sounds to External SD on Samsung Galaxy (Android)

I purchased and downloaded it to my Samsung Galaxy Blaze (similar to S2) and I can't figure out how to get my sounds to download to my EXTERNAL sd card so I don't take up precious local space. How can I do this? Thanks!
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  • +1 on this feature.

    Our external SD Cards (extSdCard) are large (16gb, 32gb, etc) so they can hold more data then internal memory (nicknamed sdcard0 or Storage) (which is around 8gb - 10gb left on average after Android OS & carrier stuff only on a 16gb internal memory). Android now forcing the apps to install into internal memory instead of external SD Card, so internal memory has become very precious memory space that we need to keep for apps only.

    Having an optional choice where to put the audio and image files (the ambiance folder that holds the media) would be very valuable feature to Android users.

    This would be a good recovery (backup) feature for the Android users that have external SD card. This way those users would not have to download the sounds again when they have to install the app again.

    But the feature to download the sounds (both audio and image files) to external SD Card (extSdCard) is really the valuable feature here. The other recovery/backup feature just takes advantage of the download to external SD Card feature.

    Galaxy Note 2 user.
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