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I've purchased this app for two different Blackberries and, when I finally upgraded to an Andriod, for my new phone, as well as downloading a copy to my Nook. Between the awesome white-noise generators, the quiet nature sounds, and the strange and unusual haunting tones (Lost Soul Factory, anyone?), I always have something to play in the background to keep my mind off of the noises around me at the office. If I don't want to hear the details of my office neighbor's wedding plans, I put on Washing Dishes and listen to the rhythmic clink drown her out, while still being a pleasant sound. I love falling asleep to TV Next Door (ironic that the sound description mentions the TV keeping you awake!). And when the Texas sun gets to be too much, I flip on either Constant Downpour or Haunting Blizzard and chill out. It also helps my dogs when they're feeling stressed. The gentle sounds have helped them calm down. I love this app, I love this app, I FREAKING LOVE THIS APP!!