Ipod compatibility? (non-ipod touch)

Hi - I have your ipad version and love it. Only, my husband has taken the ipad and now i'm actually having trouble getting to sleep without it!

Is there any possibility of any ipad nano compatibility in the future. or other non-ipod touch ones? Some sort of browser store where we can purchase your sounds, or tracks for sale on the Itunes store maybe?
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    While this sounds great in theory, we just have difficulty justifying the resources needed to support a dying brand (non-touch). The current nano has a touch screen but does not support third party apps at this time. If Apple opens up an avenue for third party apps on the nano, then we will look into it, but at this time, we only plan on supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

    For alternate sources of the sounds, you won't get much benefit from listening to the tracks outside of Ambiance. Most audio loops are around 3 minutes long, and without the seamless looper in Ambiance, you will most definitely notice the loop if you try and play it in your own mp3 player. That being said, the original, unoptimized source for many of the sounds is longer then 3 minutes. If you look at the description page for each sound in the app, you will find an attribution link which will lead you to the original source on Freesound.org. From there, you can download the sound, or find others, and use them that way.
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