Add a way to set an alarm for a specific time in Ambiance

I have been using Ambiance for the iPod Touch and loving the ability to have it fade out as I go to sleep, and fade in with the alarm tone at a specific time.
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    Currently there is only the timer function in the Desktop version. It was initially planned, but scrapped after we determined that most customers do not sleep in the same room as their computers. I will change this to an "idea" type to see how much interest there is for this feature. If there is enough interest, we can add it in a future version.
    • nate said: "Thanks so much for the fast response! Good to know I wasn't missing anything :P. I just have my computer hooked up to much nicer speakers, so I'd love to get the full effect of Ambiance."
    • I've used the Android version for a couple of years, and am just trying to understand the response about why an alarm function wasn't included in the PC version. I just purchased the PC version, and would have passed on it had I known the alarm function wasn't included. It just doesn't make any sense to me why - especially when the original comment was submitted two years ago - that Urban Apps hasn't included this functionality yet. Really - how much time would be invested by your developers and QA team to install and test the Alarm function for the PC product? The code for it already exists in your mobile versions, so it's not like you're developing an entirely new feature.

      With regard to the Android version - since day one there are two function on the home screen that STILL say "under development" - Quickstart and Backup - when will those two features be finished?

      You guys put out a nice product, but honestly, why don't you finish the features you say will be there in the Android version, and put in a useful feature - the alarm - in the PC version. Leaving the alarm out of the PC version was kind of a bad decision. Alarms that can be set to a specific time are used for sleeping, to be sure, but they're not JUST used for sleeping.
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