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I’m frustrated!!

Hourly News iOS - playback hangs -- ABC always, others frequently

For a long time, ABC news has been hanging exactly halfway through -- one minute in. I get the spinning arrows, nothing else. If I move the slider, it sometimes starts playing, but always hangs again.

For several weeks CBS was doing the same thing. I get frequent hangs for NPR and CBC, semi-frequent for BBC and others.

Always the spinning arrows. Sometimes moving the slider works, sometimes not. Sometimes it will skip to the next broadcast with File Error 7. But with ABC and most others, it just hangs frozen.

This has been going on for a long time. I keep checking the App Store hoping for a fix, but there have been no updates for Hourly News.

What's going on with all the hanging? It's gotten really frustrating trying to use Hourly News. And I use it all the time!

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