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I bought SimpleScrobbler from the Swedish App Store in July 2015, but it appears you removed it from the Swedish store and now the app thinks I've pirated it. I PAID for it and have a receipt from Apple. It works, I just can't update it and it reports every track I scrobble as Nickelback - How You Remind Me. Thanks to this the past few months of scrobbling is only this track on my account because I didn't notice until now. I am beyond pissed. How do I fix this?
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    Hey Leo,

    Apple let their security certificate expire, causing tons of problems across the app ecosystem, including this one.

    We stopped development and removed the app from the store last year due to this problem, and a Last.FM bug that they refuse to fix, so unfortunately there is no fix. I recommend switching to the official Last.FM app instead.

    As for the Nickleback tracks, you should be able to delete the track history from Last.FM.

    I am truly sorry for your lost scrobbles. What I thought was clever at the time for piracy detection turned out to have horrible side effects for paying customers when Apple let their security certificate expire.

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