Thumbs directions or how-to???? And noise problem???

Help please....Just got Thumbs and when I drag in a movie and generate a "sheet" I get one .png file with lots of single frames. How do I get the frame I want from that file?
Also, when I have Thumbs open there is a droning (like an airplane in the distance) sound in the background coming through my speakers. Goes away when I quit Thumbs.

iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Cor i5 12GB 1333 MHz DDR3 OS 10.7.4
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    To get a single thumb, you generate a "Thumb" not a "Sheet". You can toggle this from the screen that shows after you drag a file or folder into the app. You can fine tune the Thumbnail settings in Preferences.

    Thumbs is a "Robot" assistant. If you click on the icon, it will speak to you. To make this more realistic, we added the background hum noise, but this can be disabled in Preferences.
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