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Why not equalize the Prices for all Systems for Ambiance?

Ok, so you have a very cheap price of $3.00 on the Itouch which I purchased. But I want ambiance on My windows 7 computer as well, but you charge $10.00 for the desktop... Honestly i would only like to pay once using my itunes account and then get Ambiance for free as long as I have it on my Account. But if you insist on overcharging customers then I have a suggestion: Make Ambiance on each system priced EQUALLY. So since I paid $3 dollars to get it on itouch. i am will to pay another $3 to get in on my desktop. even though that is kind of a rip off to have to purchase an app i already have on another system, I have paid $3 and then if I pay another $3 i would only have paid $6.00 in total. But if I have to buy The desktop app for $10.00 I will have had to fork over $13.00... so either Equalize your prices or let customers pay only once! Then your company will get more satisfaction.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but the desktop app is priced equally on Mac, Windows and Linux Computers. The completely separate mobile version is priced equally across iOS and Android devices as well. Because the desktop and mobile versions of the app are completely separate, and completely different, they are priced accordingly. You will find the same thing with any company which produces a Desktop and Mobile version of the app, including Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and numerous other companies.
    • Would you mind telling me then what features the desktop versions have that makes them worth more than the Mobile versions? Is there an additional feature that the desktop version has that the Mobile version does not? If they are both exactly the same. then why would you charge more for a desktop version vs the mobile version exclusively?
    • As mentioned before they are not the same. They are completely separate applications written for different platforms and sold in different stores. It is comparing Apples and Oranges. I am sorry you are displeased with the price of the desktop version, but $10 is already a very, very low price for desktop software.
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