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You owe me £100 worth of earbuds!

I was looking at this feedback and noticed something - people don't seem to leave any unless they're having a problem, with the exception of some people. So I thought I'd take my time to write you some praise.

First off I want to thank you for this brilliant app. For the last year I've been using it every single night. I honestly can't remember the last time I wasn't asleep with headphones in my ears listening to my mixes in this app. I've never had a problem with sleeping or anything like that, I just find it extremely calming to listen to stuff like rain when falling asleep.

It's great to see how this app has developed from what it first was - a small handful to a large online library. So again thank you a lot for this app; it has gave me many peaceful nights of sleep which block out the background noise.

(one thing though - I've spent about £100 on replacing earbuds because of you! It was worth it.)

I'm not sure if I can do this but I also would like to request a feature - the ability to add in your own custom sounds - wither it's downloaded straight off a link (which I'd prefer) or pulling them from your playlist. I know the playlist thing is in it already however I'd love the ability to mix the sounds.

Thanks again!